Maya, Blender and Flash!

Summer holidays are great and though it is wonderful to a brief spell away from the endless parade of deadlines that university inevitably entails, not more then a few weeks in to this uber break and I am already missing having a curriculum to work to. Perhaps I am inherently a planner but I like to have a project to think about, and so over the course of this summer break I have devised a few to keep me occupied, and here they are:

Flash, ah- hah!

I’m going to create a short Flash animation for a website that should be launching shortly. Ironically this will be another foray in to the previously unfriendly world of motion graphics, but hopefully unlike the previous attempt this will be more enjoyable.

Treasure of the Maya

Autodesk has almost managed to monopolise the 3D software industry, with 3Ds Max and Maya being used through out the professional world of animation and visual effects. Maya was the program used to create the SFX for such mega-movies as Lord Of The Rings and Avatar. It is a behemoth of a program with immense power and infinite challenges and instils a mixture of fear and wonder in to the uninitiated. It is what we will use at university next year and if I can get ahead start on it before the start of term I intend to!

Pop it in the Blender

OK, so how many 3D types of 3D software do you need to know? Yes, I am aware that I already have delved in to Cinema 4D and Zbrush and have just stated an intention to learn Maya but frankly in this industry who can afford to specialise! However, learning Blender has other appeal rather then just introducing an air of diversity to my CV/portfolio. Blender is open source software, free to any and all who feel they can handle it, a sort of Sword In The Stone of 3D software options. But don’t think that open source means second rate, just as Open Office can give its Microsoft counter part a run for its money, so Blender can stand up and be counted with the big boys of animation, if you doubt me check out Blender creation “Big Buck Bunny”.

In some ways that little manifesto doesn’t seem all that much and in others it seems daunting. Still I’ve put it out there now. Its public. I have thrown down the gauntlet for myself and now its time to stop waffling and get on with meeting the challenge!