Cat… in progress!

Make no mistake about it, I am not gods gift to character modelling on any 3D platform. I may be able to draw them, design them, possibly even sculpt them in some physical form, but when it comes to modelling them in the great world of Cinema 4D then its like trying to throw a pot wearing boxing gloves and sunglasses!

But perhaps the problem is that I’m wokring towards becoming an animator not a model maker, still its very hard to animate with out something to… well, animate!! So in an effort to keep my hand in here’s my latest character model.

This cat (just incase you couldn’t work it out) was crafted in Cinema 4D by my own fair hand. I went for a stylized look with cartoon feel to it. Soon I hope to animate the little digital fuzzball but first, with the models real life counter part sat purring on my lap, I am going to journey in to the mirky world of rigging and add a digital armature of bones and joints to the model or as the unfortunate 3D lingo would have it to “bone” the character!!