Read It And Weep!

5 animations, long and short, that made me cry…

1. Kiwi
I analysed this amazing short animation, created by Dony Permedi as part of his Masters Thesis, for a project on sound and no matter how many times I watched it the last few seconds of Kiwis doomed endeavour always brought a lump to my throat!

2. Sentil 
It is just not good form to tear up when you are sitting in a classroom, but watching The Blender Foundations latest 15 minute animated short made me want to sob like a child! And it wasn’t just the awesome design or superb animation either!!

3. UP
I have yet to meet the hardened soul who managed to stay dry eyed during the opening ten minutes of this Pixar film! Only the most stone hearted of those in the cinema audience I was with was not glad of the dim light and the 3D glasses to hide their tears.

4. How To Train Your Dragon
Was it just me on this or did the loyalty and desperation of Toothless to save Hiccup from the Mosterous Nightmare moving? I have to confess that so much about this offering from Dreamworks really tugged my heartstrings… big softy that I am.

5. Clik clak
Its such a stylish little animation that you may not think that it would turn out to be so sad. But the end of Supinfocom’s short animation about 2 robots who communicate with sound left me feeling misty eyed.

But thats just me! What animations made you cry?


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