Satisfying this Craving!

Animated trailer for Elizabeth Richards book – “Craving”

I made this using a combination of Cinema 4D and Adobe Premiere Pro, both of which I have really grown to like.

UPDATE: This is a trailer for the vampire novel, “Craving”, by young adults author, Elizabeth Richards. The trailor was made for the book before it was optioned and the story has now undergone serious rewrites. As of 2012 the work is now to be published as a dystopian YA book under the new title of “Black City” and will be the first of a trilogy.

“Black City” by Elizabth Richards will be published by Putnam in Fall 2012.


New Character

Ok, so I know I should be doing the truck load of other things that are piling up in this final sprint towards the end of my college course, but sometimes you just need to step away from the weighting tool and go back to basics… and so I did and this was the result!

Please let me introduce… The Biped!

The Biped – part frog, part freak and all mine!

This is part of a project I started ages ago and left because I wasn’t really familar enough with the software to get him finnished. But since recently I’ve spent a lot of quality time on Cinema 4D it seems I’ve skilled up enough to get him finnished. 

Any New Ideas For The New Year?

What does animated cinema hold for 2011?

Sad as it is, it looks like there is every chance that this year could hold another crop of animated sequels and spin offs. I’m not saying that that means there’ll be nothing to look forward to, I’m personally quite excited about the new Kung Fu Panda and I know there will also be plenty of those queuing to see the sequel to the Pixar film Cars, but still the lack of brand new titles doesn’t inspire that much enthusiasm.

That said, there are some lights of innovation and originality in animation in the years ahead!

1. Tangled – Disney’s re envisioning of the Rapunzel story sees the studio turn its hand to 3D CG for this musical fairy story.
Watch the trailer

2. Rango – ILM venture in to the land of CG animated films. Johnny Depp stars as the chameleon who has to work his way through a wild west of dessert critters.
Watch the trailer

3. Rio – The makers of Ice Age bring a similar style to this story of a domestic Macaw who must face his fear of flying after being taken to South America.
Watch the trailer