Howling Wolf – 2D Animation

This is my attempt at hand drawn 2D animation.

Though the wolf was initially hadn drawn, I then used Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create them in to a graphic style and animate them. Despite the fact that this was a time consuming way to animate, especially drawning the wolfs walk cycle, I absolutely loved creating animation this way.

The writing, by the way, is Greek myth of King Lycaon from which the term ‘Lycanthrope’ derives. The word means wolf-man and has come to mean werewolf. I’ve put the text in latin in the animation but if you want to know the story check it out at

Work in progress… character animation

Meet Limpy, my cursed character animation for a college project. It’s been a long and difficult road to get him this far, as both project and character have limped forward, and there is still much to be done including adding lights and UV mapping!

Limpy was modelled, rigged and animated using Maya 2011. I’d not used this software before so this project came with yet another steep learning curve… where have I heard that before!