Epilogue – Fond farewell e-mo magazine!

It was epic while it lasted but the wonder that was e-mo has now been filed in the digital recycle bin in the sky. A victim of its creators busy schedules and diverging paths, e-mo finally disappeared from cyber space 2 years after it was launched. We all still love the music, the clothes, the books and the scene but running an online magazine in your spare time is like having a second full time job… and one that doesn’t pay at that.

Still the team have gone to lead interesting lives, with new qualifications and jobs and for two former members of Team E-mo, Liz Richards and Tracy Buchanan, to literary success with published YA novels to their name.

For me, my path too changed and I went on to follow my passion for art and animation by studying for degree. Yet my time on e-mo was incredibly special and a wonderful education in what you can do with a little imagination and determination and a whole tonne of elbow grease! A good foundation, I hope, for my new ventures… more on those later. For now fare the well, little online magazine!