"Hatch!" by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

Illustration Friday – Suspense

I was REALLY inspired by this week’s Illustration Friday topic, “Suspense”. Whereas last time I took a while to hit my stride by brain, full of Hitchcock films and urban fantasy novels, was positively bursting with ideas for this. That said I quickly discarded some of my earlier inspirations – breaking rope, dangling knives and hands on door knobs – for this idea.
"Hatch!" by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

"Hatch!" by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

Inspired by a trip to bird sanctuary many years ago, where I spent ages watching a chick hatch from an egg. It took hours, I stood and watched it when we arrived for maybe twenty minutes, hoping to see the moment when the little critter burst forth from the shell, but nothing much happened so I went round the santuary, went had some lunch in the facilities cafeteria and finally came back hours later to find that the chick had managed to produce another tiny crack in the shell. Hatching it seems is not a speedy process! With that in mind I suddenly thought what it would be like to watch an egg hatch and not know what might crawl out of it. A monster? A pterodactyl? A dragon? So this illustration is set in a dark space, maybe a cave, and the creature has just managed to push enough of the shell away to reveal an eye… and its certainly no fluffy little chick in there!!

This image was done almost entirely digitally, without the preliminary sketch that I usually do as a guide. I used Photoshop to create it, of course, and have tried to incorporate the use of more filters, textures and image manipulation.


4 comments on “Illustration Friday – Suspense

  1. Great post, love the image. Leaves me in suspense too – I’d like to see just what comes out of that egg, too. Working in Photoshop – nice result, first impression is the feel of the crisp egg edge, the dribble of whatever that is, the glisten of the eye, the moist inside of the egg, rather than the thought: “oh, it’s a digital image”. I wonder what his teeth look like…

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