Doodling Through Technical Trouble

The deadline for my freelance work is racing towards me at an alarming rate and the project, as these things do at this stage, is eating my life, which is why I have not had time to pen a real blog post. However, determined not to leave my little online home to gather dust and feel dejected I though I would add a little doodle I did whilst waiting for my computer to reboot. Since Flash CS5 seems to be to animating what blancmange is to a concert pianist and seems to be better at bringing my computer to its knees then facilitating creative endeavour, I’ve spent a lot of time waiting for the darn machine to reboot and drawing is better for the soul then lamenting the fact that the work hadn’t finished saving when the PC died!!

  Meet Torty…. he may not be ready for the 2012 Olympics but at least he’s faster than a rebooting computer!

'Torty' by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

'Torty' by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012





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