"Read to make the jump to hyperspace" by A.R. Vincent, copyright 2012

Illustration Friday – Jump

Captain, the core is at capacity, we are ready to make the jump to hyperspace now.

You may conclude that I’ve been watching too much sci-fi at the moment, but the first place my brain went when I saw the word ‘Jump’, the topic of this weeks Illustration Friday, was space travel. This space-ship, which is about to make the jump to hyper-space, was inspired by a tutorial from Practical Photoshop magazine. I say inspired because I once i got the general gist of the thing I quickly abandoned the tut and went my own way!

"Ready to jump to hyperspace" by A.R. Vincent, copyright 2012

"Ready to jump to hyperspace" by A.R. Vincent, copyright 2012

I’ve become over recent years and many Illustration Friay’s an increasing fan of Photoshop which, so far anyway, has become the stand out member of the Creative Suite family and yet I have never really done much with photo manipulation, montage and compositing. So this, as I seem to say so often in these posts, was a learning curve and an eye opener to one more facet of Photoshop.


7 comments on “Illustration Friday – Jump

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    • I love the filters on PS! Couldn’t work out to do with most of them at first but the more I try new stuff the more I find them really useful too, even those I never thought I’d use! 🙂

  2. This is cool! What did you use? Are those camera lenses I see? I keep meaning to do some actual ‘learning’ about photoshop too but I get distracted and just start to fidget.

    • Haha, ‘actual learning’ sounds waaaay to formal for me! I think just playing with the software and trying new stuff out is the best way to learn… and an awesome excuse to spend hours, well… playing 😀

      Yes, they are camera lenses. In fact its all just bits of household tech – computer fans, mouse, pens, bits of a blender – just photographed and mushed together in our old friend Photoshop. I would love to take credit for photographing the objects but the assets were part of the tutorial. I, geek that I am, just though the concept of making a space-ship out of everyday stuff was the greatest idea ever, lol 😉

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