"Rare Sight" by A.R Vincent, Copyright 2012

Illustration Friday – Sight

For last weeks Illustration Friday I wanted to do a science fiction illustration – something that was darker than my normal subject matter and maybe hinted at adventure – this week I’m diving in to another genre for Illustration Friday… a genre very, very dear to my heart – fantasy.

So here it is, a rare sighting of the very shy and rarely seen Snarkleblaster but careful he doesn’t catch sight of you… you never know what a startled Snarkleblaster might do!

"Rare Sight" by A.R Vincent, Copyright 2012

“Rare Sight” by A.R Vincent, Copyright 2012

This technique, of combining illustration with photography, is something I’ve seen several times before and is something I’ve wanted to try and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that it was created using Photoshop. I actually used the photo as the starting point for this and created the Snarkleblaster straight on to the computer, without any preliminary sketches, using my much-loved Wacom graphics tablet (not sure how I ever created anything without one!). Obviously the photo I chose dictated much of how the scene would look and, to be honest, other than that I had no clear idea for the details of the character’s look, instead just following my nose and seeing where the character took me, making the end result quite a surprise!


8 comments on “Illustration Friday – Sight

  1. What a great face! He looks like such a sweet guy! (But might bite my face off, I realize. I mean, probably not but one should be careful.) I think you did a great job working him into the landscape.

  2. Love the name of this creature! He looks so adorable but so unsure of himself?! Amazing that you created it straight in PS with no sketch – very brave – must get my wacom tablet out and give it a whirl… 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 He does look a bit of a nervous critter doesn’t he?! Can’t speak highly enough of using a graphics tablet btw, its been a revelation in terms of needing to sketch stuff first 😀

      Really like your IF illustration this week too. Think we could all do with a pair of Phoebes rose-tinted glasses to help us find our way sometimes 🙂

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