"Hurry!" by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

Illustration Friday – Hurry!

Oh how life mirrors art sometimes! When I first saw the topic for this weeks IF I was really excited and bursting with grand ideas for what to do. Eventually though, with the 4 day Jubilee weekend eating so much time I scaled down the idea considerably. But even scaled down it was a lot of work and by yesterday morning I threw in the towel and resigned myself that I just wasn’t going to be able to do something for this week.

This morning though, as I sat at my computer, cat on lap, gazing at the rain as it lashed the window I suddenly got a jolt of inspiration. Reaching for the nearest sketch pad, I leave them littered around the house so there’s usually one near by, and a pencil I doodled a little person trying to get out of the rain – a not uncommon sight in Britain – and suddenly knew that he was in a hurry and with that the race to get this posted in time to add to Illustration Friday listings was on!

"Hurry!" by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

“Hurry!” by A.R Vincent, copyright 2012

It’s probably not the greatest piece of art in the world as it was, as the topic suggests, hurried. I scanned the sketch to get the idea but used Photoshop to redraw and colour the piece digitally.


2 comments on “Illustration Friday – Hurry!

  1. Can relate to the rain…and the jubilee delay. Although I drew my picture ages ago – well, last night – I had to work out how to use my friend’s scanner and rush between her laptop and mine for the editing and posting in a mad hurry to post the picture before the Illustration Friday word changed!

    Well done for meeting the deadline…although I beat you…just!

    • Haha! You still beat me even though I was using my own scanner… I’ll be quicker next time 😉 Seems like a lot of people were rushing to get something ready in time for this weeks Illustration Friday, if life’s going to keep mirroring the IF topic perhaps next week they could have ‘relax’ or ‘chillout’ or ‘sunshine’ 😀

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