Testing Out Sculptris

Since my computer died and had to be rebuilt earlier this year I have lost one piece of beloved software, Zbrush. Brought whilst a student, with attendant student discount, Zbrush is, in my opinion an awesome piece of 3D modelling software that’s a world more user-friendly than Maya, Blender or Cinema 4D (wonderful as all of those are).

Though I intend to contact Pixologic to see if I can get some new passwords to give me back my beloved Zbrush I have, in the meantime, decided to try another program, Sculptris. Not unconnected, Sculptris is also produced by Pixologic and is available to download free from their website. There is no denying that it is a sort of ‘ZBrush Lite” with far less functionality then its big, expensive brother, but still I thought it was worth a try.

So try I have and here is my first attempt at sculpting a head in Sculptris:

3D head model using Sculptris, by AR Vincent, copyright 2012

3D head model using Sculptris, by AR Vincent, copyright 2012

I didn’t want to spend hours on this making something Pixar perfect model – and as you can tell I really haven’t – but merely to take Sculptris for a quick 10 minute test drive. Its a wonderful piece of kit and seriously savvy thinking from the nice people at Pixologic. It’s perfect for 3D hobbyists and would work well as a training ground for baby-Zbrushians or for those who use Zbrush at work/university/school and want to practice but can’t afford the full monty at home.

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