Don’t be embarrassed to indicate.

The more time I spend on the roads the more I wonder what the stigma is that is associated with using your indicators. I assume there must be as the longer I spend driving the fewer drivers I see use them.

So come on guys and gals, what is it? What did I miss?

Are they embarrassing to use? Do people feel ashamed like when they have to buy haemorrhoid cream or condoms at the chemist? Do they feel that they are not manly enough, these sparkly little lights with there timid little tick? Has there been some fault found in indicators which means persistent use induces the front of the car to spontaneously combust. There must be something!!!

Or at least I assume there’s something because otherwise it makes a growing number of people on our roads to day are simply crap drivers. Too lazy to lift that little leaver by the side of the steering wheel or to dim to be able to co-ordinate such a complex manoeuvre whilst looking at the road. Could that be it? Are we just to lazy/ ignorant/ incompetent/ plain stupid (delete as appropriate) to give the vehicles around us due warning before we manoeuvre?

So I say this to you – Prove me wrong! Prove that you are a better driver. There is no shame in using those little flashing lights! They’re funky and orange. They are your friend. So, go on, indicate with pride!