Ready to Launch

I would never have believed this time last year thatĀ  a year on I’d be a Deputy Editor of an online gothic magazine. And yet here i am, one week away from the launch of the website.

It started in September – actually it probably started when a friend played me Queensryche’s “Real World” from her “Last Action Hero” soundtrack and the first spark in my interest in Metal music was awoken, but as far as this website goes it started in September. It started when I absent mindedly mentioned to a friend that I’d found a gothic magazine for sale. I had picked up the magazine and read it cover to cover so elated that finally someone had woken up to the fact that there are girls out there who don’t care about Britney Spears latest escapade, who would prefer to gnaw off their own arm rather then watch big brother and who really aren’t bothered about the latest fad diet!! The magazine itself wasn’t up to much, aside from anything else it’s a quaterly and I’ve still yet to find a subsiquent issue!

But that’s besides the point, I mentioned it to a friend and she said “We could do better then that!” Could we? It hadn’t really occured to me, sure I could say what i didn’t like abou the publication and even how i’d have changed it but was i really up to the job of writing the stuff? Was I really able to step up to the journalistic plate? Somehow the next step in the conversation seemed inevitable! Why don’t we try and do something like that? I heard the words and suddenly I was caught up in a whirlwind. Ideas sprang forth like acne on a teenager! And somewhere along the line i became the websites deputy editor, technical assistant and e-Mo magazines online spiritual advisor.

It has taken 6 months to get here and it has not been without problems. The site itself seemed to spend an eternity in the first stages of development, we had problems with the search and even greater problems trying to get Google to recognise us. We’ve scrapped countless looks, at least three launch dates and several sections of the original site. We’ve worked evenings and weekends, missed out on holidays and taken time off of our regular jobs all in an effort to get the site up and running.

And here we are. Almost ready, nothing left to do but trim round the edges and add the final polish. We’re nearly thereĀ  and it feels a whole lot like standing on the edge of a cliff and I wonder when it will dawn on us that this launch isn’t the end. It is, in fact, only the beggining! Because once we are live then the real fun begins… the writing articles and doing interviews and keeping the whole thing chugging along will have to become the backing music to our lives. And you know what, even with all that thundering through my brain, I can still say that there is something exciting about it.

I’ll let you know how it goes… and if you don’t want to pop back then on the 1st April 2008 visit and you can see how we’ve done for yourself.

If you are interested in all things goth, punk, emo or metal and would like to become a contributor to then we’d love to here from you, so contact us at