My Sketchbook in progress

Sketchbook Project 2012

Woohoo! I have completed my first Sketchbook Project submission. My little sketchbook is now in the post and winging its way across the seas to join thousands of others at the Brooklyn Library of Art.

What Is the Sketchbook Project Anyway?

The Sketchbook Project is, according to website, “a constantly evolving library of artists’ sketchbooks from across the globe”. Hosted by, and eventually at, the Brooklyn Art Library, NY,  the annual crop of sketchbooks are gathered, scanned, and packed up as travelling exhibition for a global tour.

How’d I Get Involved?

Well, I stumbled across the project via another illustration website. You simply go online, choose your theme – this year I chose “A Companion Guide” – pay a small entry fee and wait. Not too long after this a small brown sketchbook flops through the letter box and you begin.

There aren’t many rules, you can do what you like to the inside and outside of the book (even rebind it, should the need take you) as long as you exceed the outlined width limit and you remember that this little book will be frequently handled and travel hundreds of miles so things should be dry, secure and not constantly shedding glitter or feathers or such.

Taking all that in to consideration, I expect my little book is quite tame compared to some they get. But then this was my first go on this particular merry-go-round and I wanted to test my metal… next year, though, I’ll be more adventurous! My next sketchbook will be a different story.